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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

happyy monthsary sayang :D

assalamualaikum semua :)
lame kowt tak post kat blog nie ,,, hewhew ,, 
itew nak wish happy monthsary tatz sayang itew :) 
dh 9 bulan dh itew couple kan :D
9 months during which we couple and is also we do not see,,,,
 I miss you very much honey,,,,
so ,, i wanna say :~
~thnx you for alwayss patient with me,,,,
~thnx you for willing to accept me as they are
~thnx for tolerate my behaviour ,,,
~thnx you for still with me,,,
~ i thnx you wholeheartedly love you
I know I always make you frustrated and annoyed with my attitude but you still love me and are willing to accept my attitude sometimes extreme,,,, 
only you my heart and you're the best man in my heart,,,
please don't ever try to leave me
i love you shahrul :)

kbayy <3

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